4 Palestinians Martyred By Israeli Firing

The Latest Incident Of Israeli Aggression And Aggression Has Come In Palestine. Four Palestinians Were Martyred In The Firing Of Israeli Army In The Occupied West Bank.

According to the foreign news agency, clashes took place between the Israeli army and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank near Jenin and occupied Jerusalem.

During the clashes, the Israeli army opened fire on Palestinians, while Palestinian protesters hurled stones at Zionist soldiers.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 4 Palestinians were martyred and several others were injured in the firing of the Israeli army.

Palestinian officials say Zionist forces shot dead a man in Jenin and three Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, whose bodies have been taken into custody by Israeli forces.

Clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinians in the West Bank began when the Israeli army arrested several Palestinians during raids in various areas.

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