The World Of Strange Buildings And Images

A Website Has Created A Gallery With Pictures Of The Strangest Buildings In The World.

Some designers have created buildings of specific styles and shapes, deviating from the traditional design of buildings.

The crab-shaped building is part of a new ecological center being built in China.

The building, consisting of three Chinese deities, belongs to a hotel in China.

This building resembling a human face exists in Japan.

This is the building of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, which resembles waves.

Built in the shape of a sheep, this building is located in New Zealand.

This cloud-like building is located in Austria.

The cat-shaped building is for a small children’s school in Germany.

This tall building is located in China.

This carpet-shaped building is located in Azerbaijan.

This strange building is located in Singapore.

This is the building of the Department of Fisheries of India in Hyderabad.

This locomotive-shaped painting is from a railroad museum in Japan.

It belongs to a petrol station of the Shell Company in 1930, which bears the company’s logo.

This strange building is located in the south of France.

This is a picture of a church in Indonesia called Chicken Church.

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