A New Variant Of The Corona Virus Could Be Even More Dangerous Than The Delta Virus, Experts Say

Geneva: Global Virus Experts Have Discovered A New Variant Of The Novel Corona Virus (SARS Cove 2), Which They Are Concerned Could Be More Dangerous Than The “Delta Variant”.

Experts say that the “variant protein” (spike protein) on the surface of the new variant of the corona virus has 32 changes compared to the old variants.

Thanks to its highly modified spike protein, this new variant can easily deceive the body’s natural defense system (immune system) and not only enter the cells but also increase their numbers rapidly by infecting them. Is.

Given this feature, scientists fear that a new variant of the corona virus could be more rapidly spreading and dangerous than the world’s most widespread “delta variant”.

This new variant of the corona virus has not yet been given an official name, but its scientific name has been changed to B.1.1.529.

The first case of the new variant came out a few days ago from South Africa and so far 50 confirmed victims have come forward who are from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana.

So far, the number of uncertified patients has reached 100 from eight different countries.

Experts believe that this new variant is the cause of 90% of new cases of corona virus in the South African province of Gateng. Because it was first discovered there.

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