A Part Of A Mountain In Brazil Fell On A Tourist Boat, Killing 7 And Injuring 32

Brasilia: At Least Seven Tourists Were Killed And 32 Others Were Injured When A Large Piece Of Rock Fell On A Boat Carrying Tourists For Fun In Lake Fernus In Brazil.

According to the International News Agency, boats full of tourists were cruising in a lake in Brazil when suddenly a large piece of mountain fell on the boats.

Seven tourists were killed and 32 others were injured when a cliff fell on them, with nine of them in critical condition. The bones of the wounded were broken and scratched.

Brazilian navy divers and rescue workers evacuated more than a dozen people from the lake to safety.

Experts say that the falling part of the mountain has weakened due to continuous rains. The video of the mountain falling on tourists went viral on social media.

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