A Young Man Who Lived 555 Days Without A Real Heart

Michigan: The Wonders Of Technology Continue And Recently Came The News From A Machine Gun Where A Young Man Has Been Fitted With An External Artificial Heart After Suffering A Heart Attack. This Heart Kept Beating And Giving Life To The Young Man For 555 Consecutive Days And Finally In 2016 He Got A Real Donated Heart.

When 25-year-old Stan Larkin reached the threshold of adolescence, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease called cardiomyopathy. It is a type of heart failure that happens suddenly instead of gradually and even a healthy person can die instantly. The only cure is a human heart transplant, but thousands of people in the United States are waiting because the heart is not so easy to deliver.

Now, to keep Stan Larkin alive, an artificial heart has been placed in a bag made at the University of Michigan-affiliated company Sincardia Systems. It is a partial artificial heart that can keep a patient alive for a while. Thanks to this heart, Stan lived 555 days and finally in 2016 he received a heart donation.

Now, after a heart transplant, Stan Larkin is satisfied and also participates in sports. The Syncardia artificial heart weighs about 13 pounds and has to be carried constantly. Thus, it can be said that Stan lived for 555 consecutive days without a real heart. Experts themselves are very happy with his success. Syncardia Artificial heart is inserted when both sides of the heart are dead.

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