Accidental Meeting With The Surgeon Removed The Man’s Ugliness

Conrado Estrada, A Native Of New York City, USA, Had A Bizarre Medical Condition When His Nasal Passages Protruded, Causing Him Embarrassment And Discomfort.

In medical parlance this medical condition is called rhinophyma. Conrado had been seeking treatment for years, but one day he met Dr. Thomas Romo, who is the director of facial plastic surgery at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.

Conrado’s nose was not only embarrassing but also made it difficult for him to breathe, speak and eat. Even Conrado’s smile was hidden from the public.

Conrado is actually a painter and construction worker and was hired as a laborer for a job at Dr. Thomas’ house. There the doctor saw his condition and decided to fix it. In an interview with the New York Post, the doctor said it was an infection that was getting worse.

“I believe that God sent me an angel in the form of Dr. Thomas, who saved me from this affliction,” said Conrado.

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