Afghan Intelligence And Military Personnel Join ISIS

Kabul: Since The Taliban Took Control Of Afghanistan And The Withdrawal Of US And Coalition Forces, Several Former Afghan Intelligence Officials Have Joined The Militant Group ISIS.

News quoted the respected American newspaper The Wall Street Journal as saying that a former Afghan official had confirmed this. He said a former Afghan army officer had joined the Khurasan branch of ISIS.

According to newspaper reports, the former Afghan army officer who joined ISIS was the officer in charge of the Afghan army’s weapons and ammunition depot in Gardez, the capital of Paktia province, and was killed a week ago in a clash with the Taliban. Is.

According to a former Afghan army official, there are many Afghan intelligence and army personnel he knows who have now joined ISIS in Khurasan.

According to a special report in the American newspaper, Rehmatullah Nabil, the former head of the intelligence agency run by the National Directorate of Security, says that in some areas, ISIS is very attractive to some former members of the security forces because he thinks they are the only Taliban. Is against and can include them.

According to the newspaper report, at present the number of participants is not very high but it has also been confirmed by the important responsible people.

It should be noted that last month ISIS claimed responsibility for several attacks. The attacks included a bomb blast in Kunduz that killed about 100 people.

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