Afghanistan Mortar Shell Blast Kills 9 Children, Injures 4

Kabul: Nine Children Were Killed And Four Others Were Seriously Injured In A Powerful Blast In Eastern Afghanistan.

According to the International News Agency, a fruit seller’s cart in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan was suddenly destroyed by an explosion. More than a dozen children were buying fruit from the stall.

The blast killed nine children and seriously injured four others. The dead and injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital where the condition of the two injured is said to be critical.

A spokesman for the Nangarhar governor said the blast was caused by a wheelbarrow hitting a mortar shell buried in the ground. The blast was so powerful that it shattered the windows of nearby cars.

During the two-decade-long war in Afghanistan, various groups have laid a network of landmines, while many surviving mortar shells are buried underground.

Children are more likely to be victims of landmines and mortar shells than they are toy toys and accidents.

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