After Discovering The First Pregnant Mummy, Experts Admitted The Mistake

Cairo: Archaeologists Have Admitted Their Mistake After Discovering The Embalmed Body Of A Pregnant Woman Recently Recovered From Egypt.

According to a report by the French news agency, a team investigating the pharaohs’ graveyard in Egypt discovered a mummy in December last year.

Experts thought the mummy may have been a man, but when the embalmed body was examined, it was discovered that it was not a man but a pregnant woman.

Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the whereabouts of the pregnant woman.

Wajishish, head of the Warsaw Mummy Project, said: “It is possible that some of the raisins discovered in the past were of pregnant women who were not considered, but we will take care of that in the future.”

Referring to the embalmed body, he said that if the X-ray was done with the help of a modern machine, the bones of the child could not be seen in it. It is possible that they were destroyed due to the chemical.

When the radiologist observed the mummy, he saw soft muscles instead of bones in a unique way.

Citing an example, the head of the research team said, “If you put an egg in acid, it will dissolve, but the substance inside will be visible later.”

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