Announcing The End Of The Anti-ISIS Coalition’s Combat Mission In Iraq

Iraq’s Security Adviser Says US-led Coalition Forces In Iraq Have Ended A Mission Against The Extremist Group Isis And Will Now Play A Consultative Role In Training.

According to the report, during the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazmi to Washington in July, US President Joe Biden announced for the first time that he was going to change the mission of 2,500 troops in the war-torn country.

The Iraqi government is under pressure from powerful pro-Iranian political and armed groups, who have strongly demanded that all US troops leave the country.

National Security Adviser Qasim al-Araji tweeted: “We are officially announcing the end of the coalition mission.”

“We will continue to work with international partners in the areas of training, mentoring and capacity building,” he said.

Qasim al-Araji made the tweet following a meeting between the Allies and the Joint Operations Commanders of the Iraqi security forces.

As a result of the decision, about 2,500 US troops and 1,000 Allied troops will remain in Iraq, serving as advisers and trainers since mid-2020.

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