At The Time Of Death, A ‘brain Tsunami’ Occurs In Humans

Cologne, Germany: Although Experts Have Been Considering This For Some Time, In 2018 It Was Discovered For The First Time That Strange Changes Take Place In The Brain Which Makes It Impossible To Reverse The Brain Damage And The Resulting Brain Death. But Now It Is Known That There Is An Electrochemical Shock In The Brain Which Causes Death.

But the news is that now, four years later, scientists claim that the tsunami that caused the brain death can be prevented. But the process was not easy, and it was first observed in animals.

In animals, just 20 to 40 seconds before death, the brain begins to run out of oxygen. Here the brain now operates in ‘energy saving mode’ or energy saving mode. Within it, the electrical activity slows down and the interconnection of nerves (neurons) is cut off.

After a few minutes, the brain cells begin to disintegrate. At this point, a wave of electrochemical energy runs through the entire brain, which scientists have termed a ‘brain tsunami’ that extends to the cortex. It also has another name called depolarization. This condition is a brain death that cannot be cured under any circumstances.

Now, Professor Jens Dreier of Germany saw nine patients who had been hospitalized with severe brain injury. According to him, even after the flow of oxygen in the brain has stopped, it can be restored and the brain can be revived.

“Once the cerebral flow has stopped, the electrochemical energy stored in the brain cells is released immediately. Toxic compounds then accumulate and the brain dies, after which the person dies, “said Professor Jensen. But he says the process can be reversed.

A new technology has been dubbed ‘subdural electrode strips and intraperitoneal electrode series’. This allows depolarization in the patient’s brain to be monitored. With this measure, the tsunami can be averted by restoring oxygen to the brain.

Interestingly, the catastrophic tsunami caused by a lack of oxygen can be prevented without cell damage throughout the brain.

This important discovery will be of great help in rehabilitating patients suffering from anemia and stroke in the brain and one day this invention will help in saving precious human lives. But before that, detailed research on the new technique is needed.

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