Bills And Commission Reports Presented In The US Senate Removed Reservations Against Pakistan

Concerns Against Pakistan Have Been Removed From 4 Bills And Commission Reports Presented In The US Senate.

Talking to reporters after arriving in Pakistan from the US on Sunday, US Deputy National Finance Chair and Democratic Party leader Tahir Javed said that the four bills and commission reports presented in the US Senate expressed various concerns about Pakistan based on Afghanistan. But now these reservations have been removed from the Bills.

Tahir Javed said that after the transfer of power in Afghanistan, various voices were being raised within the United States regarding Pakistan and it was feared that Pakistan would be made a scapegoat regarding the issue of Afghanistan and some bills were also raised in this regard. Gradually, the name of Pakistan has been removed from those four bills.

Tahir Javed said that the Joe Biden administration is holding talks with Pakistan on various issues at all levels and its results are also coming to light.

He further said that 2 US Congressmen are still present in Islamabad and these members of Congress will also go to India after Pakistan. Tahir Javed said that Pakistan cannot be ignored in South Asia and Pakistan should hold talks with US. Is on the table.

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