Camera Or Bomb? Emergency Landing Of An Aircraft

The Plane Had To Make An Emergency Landing In The United States When A Female Passenger Made A Noise By Thinking The Rare Camera Was A Bomb.

According to the report, the American airline was going from Indianapolis to New York City when this incident took place.

During the flight, the female passenger considered the camera of the fellow passenger as explosive and started making noise out of fear, after which the plane landed and the passengers were taken out of the emergency door.

According to the administration, the woman was accompanied by her husband and children. During the journey, she saw the passenger sitting next to her watching videos and pictures on the camera, which led her to believe that he was looking at the bomb-related material.

The woman snatched the camera from the passenger, which the passenger immediately snatched back, convincing her that it was an explosive device, after which the woman alerted the airline staff.

To protect the people, the pilot made an emergency landing, with 78 passengers and four crew members on board.

In the videos, it can be seen that the passenger was thought to be a terrorist and was knocked down by the police, but only a camera and a skateboard were recovered from him.

However, the details of the passenger have not been provided by the police.

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