Corona Vaccine: Booster Doses Needed For People With Mental Illness, Research

Washington – People With A Mental Illness Are More Likely To Be Infected With The Novel Coronavirus, So They Have Been Given A “Booster Dose” Of The Vaccine Even After The Vaccination Has Been Completed, According To US Medical Experts. Go

U.S. researchers have warned that people with mental illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are more likely to develop Covid 19, so they should be given “booster doses” of the Covid vaccine on a priority basis.

The researchers analyzed data from five Yale New Haven Health System hospitals to see what complications occur in people with psychiatric illness who come to the hospital with Corona positive.

Dr. Looming Lee, chief medical officer of the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, said: “We found that people with psychiatric and mental illness had a higher mortality rate than Corona.”

Psychologist Dr. Looming Lee added that people with mental illness have a 50 percent higher risk of dying from the corona virus than the general population, so mental illness should be given priority over booster doses.

Psychologists have sent their report to the US government on the basis of which booster doses will be given to people suffering from heart diseases and diabetes as well as mental illness in the campaign.

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