Corona’s Biggest War Worldwide, Record Over 2.5 Million Cases

Beginning In 2019, Corona Suffered Its Biggest Blow To The World, With More Than 2.5 Million Cases Recorded In A Single Day Worldwide.

In five days, nearly 10 million cases were reported worldwide, with more than 542,000 new cases reported in the United States and 332,000 new cases reported in France.

One hundred and ninety-four thousand cases were reported in the United Kingdom, one hundred and thirty-seven thousand in Spain, and the number of corona cases in Italy exceeded one hundred thousand, according to the report, about one hundred and ninety new cases were reported in Italy 95,000, more than 87,000 cases were reported in India.

On the other hand, the world is not yet fully coping with the new strains of the corona virus, Delta and Omicron, which have been declared global epidemics, and another new strain has been discovered in France.

Doctors and scientists have named the new type of corona discovered in France IHU, according to international news agencies and the prestigious American newspaper New York Times.

A total of 12 people have so far been infected with the new variant IHU (B16402) of the 46-genetically modified coronavirus, according to French scientists.

According to the World Health Organization, a new type of corona discovered in France is being closely monitored to determine how dangerous it is.

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