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Corona: One Out Of Every 3 Patients Exposed To Long Covid

One In Three Patients Infected With The Coronavirus Has At Least One Symptom Of Long-coward. The term long coid is used for people who experience various symptoms even weeks or months after recovering from the initial illness. Research into Long Cowid so far has identified a number of symptoms that can affect people weeks or […]

Corona Epidemic Could End By Next Year, Says Moderna CEO

Stephen Bensell, CEO Of The American Pharmaceutical Company Moderna, Believes That The Corona Epidemic Could Be Over By Next Year. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. Stanf Bensel said in an interview that increasing vaccine production would ensure that by mid-2022, food was […]

The Number Of Deaths From Corona In The World Has Exceeded 4.6 Million

Corona Has So Far Killed 4.67 Million People Worldwide. The Number Of People Infected With The Virus Has Reached 22 Crore 27 Lakh 77 Thousand 304. Around the world, 1,88,72,484 patients with corona virus are being treated in hospitals, quarantine centers and in isolation at home, of which 14,557 patients are in critical condition and […]

The Reason For The Rapid Spread Of The Corona Type Delta Came To Light

Delta, A Highly Contagious Form Of Corona Virus, Is Spreading Rapidly In Most Countries, But What Is The Cause? The answer to this question has emerged in a new study by medical experts from the UK and India. The study, published in the medical journal Nature, found that the spread of the corona-type delta may […]

Discovery Of A New Type Of Corona With Alarming Mutations In South Africa

Scientists In South Africa Have Discovered A New Strain Of The Corona Virus That Contains A Number Of Alarming Mutations. The new species, called C1.2, was first discovered in May in the two South African provinces of Mapumalanga and Khaoting, according to a research paper released by scientists. This type of corona has so far […]

The Corona Delta Species Began To Spread Rapidly In China

The Indian Version Of The Global Corona Virus Is Spreading Rapidly In China. A report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has revealed that 300 cases of corona have been reported in China in the last ten days. According to the report, the Chinese government has imposed new restrictions on the increase in Corona cases. […]

Warning: Corona, Even More Dangerous Than The Delta

United States: Medical Experts Have Expressed Concern That The Most Dangerous Type Of Corona Virus, Which Has Been Declared A Global Epidemic, Is Not Delta But Lambada, Which Has So Far Spread To 26 Countries Of The World. Globally, it is still believed that the most dangerous type of Code 19 is the Delta, which […]

Global Epidemic: The Situation In China Has Deteriorated Again

The Outbreak Of The Coronavirus Began In China, But Later Overcame The Epidemic, But Now The Worst Situation Is In Its Hometown Of Nanjing, Which Is Rapidly Affecting Other Areas. The first case of coronavirus was reported at Nanjing Airport on July 20, and the virus infected 200 people at first sight. Now the situation […]

A New Type Of Corona Has Emerged In China

The Deadly Corona Virus In The Chinese City Of Nanjing Has Spread To Five More Provinces And The Capital, Beijing. The British broadcaster BBC has quoted Chinese media as saying that this is the second new corona virus in China after the virus appeared in the city. The new corona virus has so far infected […]

Covid Is Less Likely To Be Affected Again, Research Says

The Good News About The Coronavirus Outbreak Is That People Who Beat The Disease Are Less Likely To Be Infected Again. However, even if they do get coded again, it is more likely that the severity of the disease will be mild. This was discovered in a research analysis by the British government. The results […]