Covid-19 Is Expected To Be Phased Out In 2022, According To The World Health Organization

Geneva: The Head Of The World Health Organization Says The Corona Epidemic Is Expected To End In 2022.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, said in a social media post that the Corona epidemic is expected to end in 2022 as the world now has the tools to control the epidemic.

Tedros said the epidemic would continue as long as inequality persisted. Medical personnel in Africa were not fully vaccinated, while people in Europe were being given booster doses.

He added that the spread of variance is more likely due to inequality. When inequality disappears, so will the plague, and the nightmare we live in now.

Tedros Adhanom said 8.5 billion doses of the vaccine have been administered worldwide, which has helped reduce mortality. New treatments to save lives have also been discovered.

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