Discover The Link Between Vitamin K And Better Heart Health

Perth: Scientists Say A New Link Between Vitamin K And Heart Disease Has Emerged After A Long Study. If You Continue To Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin K, It Reduces The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease By 34%.

In this regard, 50,000 people have been surveyed in Denmark and this survey has been going on for 23 consecutive years. The purpose of the study was to determine the association between vitamin K and heart disease or plaque accumulation and narrowing of the arteries of the heart.

Vitamin K is found in two types, namely Vitamin K1 and K2, green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils contain Vitamin K1 while meat, eggs and cheese etc. contain Vitamin K2. People who take vitamin 1 now have a 21% reduction in the rate of coronary heart disease and hospitalization. Proper use of vitamin K2 can reduce the risk of these diseases by up to 14%. Thus, both types of vitamins can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 34%.

The study was conducted by Dr Jamie Bellingi, a scientist at the University of Western Australia, and his colleagues. According to him, the vitamins keep the heart healthy and prevent the accumulation of calcium on the inner walls of the arteries, which eventually leads to plaque. Therefore, regular use of vitamin K is very important.

According to experts, spinach, lettuce, blueberries, cabbage (broccoli), cabbage, kiwi, okra, green beans and poultry are rich in vitamins.

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