Eleven Children Drowned While Cleaning The River

Jakarta: Eleven Children Drowned While Cleaning A River In Indonesia.

According to a foreign news agency, the drowning of school children on the Indonesian island of Java occurred while cleaning a river.

About 150 Islamic High School students went to the river for a clean-up operation, but during the clean-up, 21 students fell into the river from a boat, out of which 10 children were rescued alive. 11 children lost their lives due to excess water in their lungs. The drowning children ranged in age from 13 to 15.

The drowning children were holding each other’s hands in the boat and one of the children fell into the river.

Eyewitnesses say the children were swept away by a strong current while trying to cross the river and were not wearing safety jackets.

The administration says there was neither flooding nor rain in the river, so it is unfortunate for children to drown in the calm river. An inquiry committee was formed to investigate the incident.

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