Eliminating Corona Is Difficult, Not Impossible, Experts Say

Wellington: Scientists In New Zealand Have Expressed Hope That The Recent Covid 19 Global Epidemic Will Be Difficult But Not Impossible To Eradicate.

This is stated in a research report published in the latest issue of the research journal BMJ Global Health, which has been jointly compiled by scientists from various universities and research institutes in New Zealand.

It is essentially a comprehensive meta-analysis comparing scientific research and social and governmental efforts to eradicate the World 19 epidemic to the efforts to eradicate smallpox and polio. Is.

For analysis and comparison, they covered 17 different aspects of epidemic eradication, including the availability of safe and effective vaccines, the duration of immunizations caused by vaccine use, public health measures (including SOPs and These include the effectiveness of medical facilities, and government measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

After comparing all of these aspects in the context of Covid 19, smallpox and polio, they concluded that the recent corona epidemic was slightly easier to eradicate than polio and slightly more difficult than smallpox. However, this is not impossible at all.

The world is also facing some new problems with the corona epidemic, including the reluctance to vaccinate due to rumors and the emergence of new variants of the virus due to the rapid evolution of the corona virus. It is feared that existing vaccines will not be effective against newer variants of the corona virus. Both of these issues can make it more difficult to eradicate the Covid 19 global epidemic.

The comprehensive analysis states that in various small and large countries and territories, including China, Hong Kong, Iceland and New Zealand, the Corona vaccine is already subject to restrictions on border crossings (border control), wearing of masks, social distance, The epidemic was temporarily eradicated through testing and contact tracing.

That is to say, even if the right measures are taken at the administrative and social level and the relevant measures are implemented properly, significant success can still be achieved in curbing the spread of the epidemic.

Experts have clarified that this is a preliminary analysis which only explains the major difficulties and ease of controlling the corona epidemic. Further research needs to be done to develop a systematic and effective strategy to control the Quid 19 global epidemic in a timely manner and to bring the world back to normal as soon as possible.

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