Germany Expresses Solidarity With Israel Despite The Martyrdom Of 251 Palestinians

Tel Aviv: German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss Has Said He Is Here To Show Solidarity With Israel.

According to Israeli media, the German Foreign Minister said that Israel has every right to defend itself against large-scale irreparable attacks.

According to media reports, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss expressed solidarity with Israel and called for a ceasefire.

Germany’s foreign minister has come out in solidarity with Israel at a time when 251 innocent Palestinians have been killed in Israeli barbaric bombings. The martyrs include 66 children and 38 women.

Israel itself has acknowledged that Hamas’s rocket attacks have killed only 12 of its citizens in the face of heavy casualties and financial losses to the Palestinians.

The German foreign minister also mentioned that Israel had suffered irreparable damage, but did not say that the Israeli bombardment had displaced 72,000 Palestinians and destroyed more than 500 homes.

Israel has violated all international laws and regulations by bombing the offices of international media in the worst possible way, as a result of which a journalist named Yousef Abu Hussein has also been martyred.

Yusuf Abu Hussein was a journalist with Al-Aqsa Radio Station and had been doing professional work for a long time.

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