Headaches Can Be Fatal

Headaches Are Not Always Dangerous, But Can Sometimes Lead To Death. Doctors Can Reduce This Risk If Diagnosed Early.

The following are some of the symptoms that should not be ignored.

1) Headache for a few seconds or minutes that is unbearable.
2) The intensity of the pain changes as the body changes direction.

3) Headache as a result of coughing, sneezing or any kind of pressure on the body.

4) A pain that does not go away.

5) Pain that occurs after the age of 50 years.

6) Pain associated with fever, chills, night sweats or unexplained weight loss.

7) Fluctuations in the severity or nature of the pain.

8) Pain in a specific place in the head.

9) Pain is associated with a mental condition such as the ability to see, hear or feel weakness in a part of the body, or the ability to speak is affected.

10) Redness or pain in the eye at the time of pain.

If any of the above symptoms appear, immediate medical attention should be sought. Besides that:

1) Pain associated with changes in mental state.

2) Affected facial muscles during pain or not being able to change body posture.

3) Epilepsy

4) Headaches in patients who have used anti-cancer or anti-AIDS drugs in the past.

5) Sudden onset of unbearable pain.

In such cases, an emergency call should be made to 911 immediately and self-driving should be avoided.

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