Hepatitis B And C Kills Four Times Daily In Pakistan, Experts Say

Different Types Of Hepatitis Kill 4 Times More People Across Pakistan Every Day Than Coronavirus.

These views were expressed by gastroenterologists while addressing an awareness seminar on World Hepatitis Day 2021 at Karachi Press Club.

According to experts, hepatitis B and C kill more than 300 people a day in Pakistan, three to four times more than the number of deaths caused by the corona virus.

Seminar Participants – Photo courtesy Karachi Press Club Facebook Page
He said that the number of hepatitis B and C patients in Pakistan is the highest in the world after China and thousands of people die every year from these two deadly viruses.

The Hepatitis Awareness Seminar was organized by Pak GI and Liver Diseases Society (PGLDS) in association with Karachi Press Club. PGLDS President Dr. Lubna Kamani, Vice President Dr. Nazish Butt, Prof. Dr. Shahid Ahmed, Prof. Amanullah Abbasi and Dr. Sajjad Jamil also addressed the seminar.

Dr Lubna Kamani of Liaquat National Hospital and Aga Khan University Hospital said that Pakistan was facing an epidemic of hepatitis B and C along with corona where more than 300 people die of hepatitis-related liver disease every day. Kill due to complications.

He said that the number of Hepatitis B and C patients in Pakistan is more than 15 million and the number is increasing by 1.5 million every year.

Hepatitis B and C are transmitted from person to person through contaminated blood through multiple use of syringes, drips, contaminated instruments of dentists and barbers and nose and ears, Dr. Lubni Kamani said. There are contaminated needles piercing.

He said that if the government of Pakistan was to get rid of the disease by 2030, it would have to screen 90 per cent of the country’s population for these two diseases and provide treatment facilities to 80 per cent of the people suffering from the disease.

Dr. Nazish Butt of Jinnah Hospital said that in some areas of Sindh including Jacobabad, Larkana, Qambar and border tribal areas of Sindh and Balochistan, the rate of the disease is 15 to 25 percent.

He said that the government should increase the screening of Hepatitis B and C in rural as well as urban areas so that the spread of the disease could be stopped by creating awareness among the people.

Dr. Shahid Ahmed, Patron of PGLDSK, said that Hepatitis B and C are not only treatable diseases but also very cheap and easy to treat.

He added that dozens of welfare organizations and government agencies across the country, including Karachi, not only screen for hepatitis B and C, but also provide free medicine to those suffering from the disease.

He added that the media should create awareness among the people about the disease so that they can live a healthy life by getting the deadly disease treated as soon as possible.

Prof. Dr. Sajjad Jamil of Liaquat National Hospital said that people should not only be vaccinated against corona epidemic but they can also be protected from other diseases including hepatitis by vaccinating but also protecting others around them. Are

Professor Amanullah Abbasi, a professor and former registrar at Dow University Karachi, said there was a need to raise awareness about hepatitis B and C in rural Sindh and Balochistan.

He said that people’s livers were also deteriorating due to alcohol consumption in Pakistan and by creating awareness among the people about liver diseases, they could be saved from death in their youth.

Hepatitis B and C tests were also conducted for the members of Karachi Press Club, their families and employees. A short walk was also conducted to create awareness among the people after the awareness seminar.

Source: Dawn News

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