Horse Snoring And Drunkenness Punishment: Three And A Half Years Hard Labor

Moscow: A Few Days Ago, A Russian Citizen Was Sentenced To Three-and-a-half Years In Prison For Harassing His Neighbors For The Past Two Years With Loud Noises And Loud Hooves.

According to reports, Yuri Kondratiev, a 47-year-old resident of the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, whose neighbors have been filing complaints against him at the local police station for the past two years.

He says that two years ago he was disturbed by the noise of the neighbors’ children, for which he took this path in retaliation.

However, the occupants of the building say that the man is a psychiatrist and his wife left him three years ago because of his actions. He has been living alone ever since.

Yuri Kondratiev is unemployed and living on government allowances. He stays home all day looking for new ways to annoy his neighbors.

He often plays loud music at night, which deprives his neighbors of sleep for many hours, while his flat almost every day is accompanied by loud hoarseness of horses, which is a source of mental anguish to those around him. Causes.

In 2019, Kondratiev’s neighbors filed a petition alleging that his mental state was deteriorating, and he underwent a psychiatric examination. However, the doctors declared him mentally healthy and sent him back and apologized for keeping him in a lunatic asylum.

Kondratiev made dozens of photocopies of the doctors’ certificate of mental health and pasted them in the doors of his neighbors and in the corridors of the building.

In December last year, more than 80 complaints were lodged against Kondratiev, who was arrested by police and charged in a local court.

During the trial, it was revealed that Kondrativ deliberately used all these actions to harass and inflict mental anguish on his neighbors.

In light of this credible information, the local court sentenced Kondratiev to three-and-a-half years in prison under Section 117 of the Russian Criminal Code.

This is the first time in Russian history that a person has been convicted under section 117 for intentionally causing mental or physical harm to a person.

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