How Much Petrol Do You Get?

Petrol Will Run The Wheel Of The World, But Its Rates Remain The Center Of Attention. The Cheapest Petrol In The World Is Currently In Venezuela.

While its price is Rs 4 per liter in Pakistani rupees, in Iran it is Rs 10 per liter, in Saudi Arabia petrol is Rs 100 per liter, while in Dubai it is Rs 112 per liter.

Rs 150 per liter in Turkey, Rs 176 per liter in Bangladesh, Rs 200 per liter in China, Rs 235 per liter in India, petrol in the UK is more than Rs 310 per liter, the most expensive in the world. Petrol is in Hong Kong where it costs more than Rs 400 per liter.

It should be noted that this is only a comparison of the price of petrol per liter. In countries around the world, the quality of petrol, the value of the local currency, the per capita income, the standard of living of the people and the rate of inflation have their place.

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