I Want To Tell The World That Pakistan Is Safe For Cricket, Mike Heisman

Australian Commentator Mike Heisman Has Said That He Wants To Tell The World That Pakistan Is As Safe For Cricket As Any Other Country.

“I stand with Pakistan in this difficult time,” he said. I am winning the National T20 Cup in Pakistan. I would never come here if I had a security problem.

Mike Hayesman criticized England and New Zealand for canceling a visit to Pakistan. He said that there were daily reports of cancellation of the visit which was saddening. New Zealand canceled the visit but did not share security threat information with Pakistan.

It is unfortunate that the English Cricket Board canceled the tour of Pakistan without asking its players. The England players arrived in South Africa and canceled the tour under the pretext of Corona.

The ICC should look into these matters because whatever England is doing is unacceptable. Recently, when South Africa visited Pakistan, I was also in Pakistan. The South African players said they did not have any security issues.

The Australian commentator said that cricketers in Pakistan are very impressed with the talent. The batting and bowling style of Pakistani cricketers is different. The styles of Pakistani cricketers are not seen anywhere in the world. Pakistan’s cricketers have different abilities than other players in the world.

“People in Pakistan are very loving. I have always felt happy working in Pakistan,” he added.

It should be noted that Mike Hayes is currently in Pakistan for the National T20 tournament. And performing commentary duties

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