In Canada, Huawei Shut Down Services In Protest

Toronto: Huawei International Has Shut Down Its Services In Canada In Protest.

According to a foreign news agency, Huawei has suspended its state-of-the-art services in Canada following the arrest of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou.

The phone company shut down all 5G research centers in Canada, leaving at least 4,500 Canadians jobless.

Not only did the company affect Canada’s revenue, but Huawei also claimed its insurance amount, which is about 1 billion Dollars.

The 5G service infrastructure set up by the company was also demolished, forcing the country to go back to the old, very old and slow technology of 4G.

According to sources, many phone brands are also having difficulty updating the software and installing the latest versions. These technical glitches will remain in the phones of Nokia and Sony Ericsson and once Huawei withdraws its services completely.

Due to this ban, it is feared that they will not be able to work with Five G services, which will make them useless for many people. It is being said that Huawei’s next target will be the United States as there has been a dispute between them for some time.

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