In Myanmar, The Army Rammed A Truck Into Protesters, Injuring Several

A Military Truck Rammed Into A Crowd Of Protesters In Myanmar’s Commercial Capital, Yangon, Injuring Several People.

According to the BBC, local eyewitnesses said that after hitting the protesters with a truck, the soldiers opened fire on some of the fleeing protesters and beat others.

The military says it has arrested 11 people in the latest protest. Three are injured and one is in critical condition. The army did not confirm whether a truck had entered the group of protesters, but said it had dispersed the “rioting” crowd.

On the other hand, the local news agency MPA said that two of its reporters were also among those arrested. The agency said one of them was injured and the other was cut off.

More than 1,200 civilians have been killed and thousands detained since the uprising began in February.

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