In The United States, A Gunman Opened Fire On Police And Passersby, Killing 4

Colorado: In The US State Of Colorado, A Gunman Opened Fire At Various Public Places, Killing 4 People And Injuring 3, Including A Police Officer.

According to the International News Agency, a gunman opened fire on passers-by in several places in the US state of Colorado, when the accused stopped the police and opened fire on the officers in which a police officer was seriously injured.

A police spokesman told a news conference that the incidents began around 5 pm and occurred in at least four different locations in the cities of Denver and Lakewood.

The gunman first opened fire on passersby in Denver, killing two women and wounding one. After going a short distance, the accused again shot and killed a man.

According to police, the gunman then went to Lakewood, where he shot and killed another man, while another was wounded in the shooting.

Based on information about the attacks, police were able to identify the suspect, after which a gunman was killed and a police officer was seriously injured during a confrontation with police.

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