In The United States, A Schoolteacher Forcibly Removed The Veil Of A Muslim Student

New Jersey: A Racist School Teacher In The US State Of New Jersey Took Off The Mask Of A Muslim Student, Which Frightened The Girl.

According to the international news agency, 7-year-old Samia went to school in the US state of New Jersey wearing a niqab as usual.

Samia’s mother told the media that my second grade daughter faced a world and attitude from which I always tried to save her.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the incident, saying that the effects of the school teacher’s mistreatment on the girl’s mind would haunt her for life.

Samia’s mother has decided to file a case against the school, which the Muslim community has strongly supported, saying such incidents in the country are self-proclaimed spokesmen for freedom of expression.

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