Indian Army Roasts Its Own Civilians, 13 Killed

New Delhi: The Indian Army Indiscriminately Opened Fire On A Passenger Truck, Killing 13 People.

According to the International News Agency, in the northeastern Indian state of Nagaland, the Indian army indiscriminately fired on a truck, as a result of which 13 people were killed. The incident took place near the Myanmar border.

On the other hand, according to the Indian newspaper The Hindu, all those killed were miners and were going to demonstrate in support of their demands in a truck, but the government says that these people were villagers and were going to their villages.

Meanwhile, an Indian Army spokesman said that an operation was underway in the area against the separatist armed militants, during which a truck with the flag and insignia of the armed organization came to light.

According to the spokesman, the Indian Army personnel signaled to stop the truck but the occupants of the truck did not cooperate and tried to chase away the truck which was fired upon by the personnel in their defense.

The killing of the villagers by the firing of the Indian army provoked the locals and people came out to protest. Protesters chanted slogans against the tyrannical Modi government.

The aggressor Indian army also opened fire on protesters seeking justice, injuring dozens of protesters and killing an army officer in retaliation.

The situation in Moon district of Nagaland became more tense after the protesters were injured by the firing of Indian army. Troops were deployed at various places and curfew is still in place in the area.

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