Instagram’s Decision To Notify Its Users About The Closure Of Its Service

A Few Days Ago, Millions Of Internet Users Around The World Turned To Twitter And Complained That Facebook Services, Including Instagram And Whatsapp, Were Not Working.

Now, in view of the innumerable stories and complaints of people about this glitch in Facebook services, the social media network has decided that it will inform you about such a problem in the future.

For this purpose, Instagram has started testing a feature that will provide you with details of technical glitches or service issues on the Activity Feed.

But more than that, the company will also inform when the problem is fixed and everything is back to normal.

“We will not always notify the service if it is affected, but when we see that people are confused and want an answer, we will determine how we can help them clarify matters,” Instagram said. Can do

This feature is currently being tested in the United States and is expected to be expanded globally soon.

In addition to service notification notifications, Instagram is also introducing a tool called Account Status.

This tool will notify users of reported posts and content, a kind of hub that will tell you when you are violating the rules of the social media network.

It will also tell you that there is no risk of your account being blocked.

For more than six hours on October 4, millions of people were unable to access Facebook, Instagram or the WhatsApp, which highlighted the world’s reliance on the Silicon Valley-owned company-owned platform.

In an apologetic blog post, Santosh Jaredhan, Facebook’s vice president for infrastructure, said the shutdown was due to configuration changes in routers that support network traffic between data centers.

Later, in the middle of the night on October 9, the service of the first photo sharing app Instagram was affected, shortly after which there were complaints from users about access to Facebook and Messenger.

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