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Introducing A Bill Banning Palestinians With Israeli Spouses

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Interior Minister Has Introduced A Bill That Would Bar Palestinians From Living In Israel With Their Israeli Husband Or Wife. According to the Times of Israel, the new citizenship law bill has been presented to the Ministry of Legislative Committee, after which it will be presented in the Israeli parliament Knesset, where […]

Russia Has Made It Clear That It Will Not Compromise On Ukraine

Moscow: Russia Has Said It Will Not Make Concessions To The Ukraine Conflict And Its Accession To The European Union Under US Pressure. According to Reuters, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has made it clear before talks with the United States that Russia’s previous conditions will not change. Talking to media persons, the Deputy […]

So Far 160 People Have Been Killed In Riots Against Petrol Prices In Kazakhstan

Noor Sultan: More Than 160 People Were Killed And 5,000 Arrested In Kazakhstan Last Week Following Riots In Central Asia’s Largest Country. According to Al Jazeera’s report, citing local media, the Interior Ministry said that according to initial estimates, property worth about 198 million Dollars was damaged after the deadly violence. According to the ministry, […]

A Part Of A Mountain In Brazil Fell On A Tourist Boat, Killing 7 And Injuring 32

Brasilia: At Least Seven Tourists Were Killed And 32 Others Were Injured When A Large Piece Of Rock Fell On A Boat Carrying Tourists For Fun In Lake Fernus In Brazil. According to the International News Agency, boats full of tourists were cruising in a lake in Brazil when suddenly a large piece of mountain […]

Saudi Arabia; Princess Imprisoned For 3 Years Was Released Due To Illness

Princess Bismillah Bint Saud, Who Has Been In Saudi Arabia For The Past Three Years Without Trial, Has Been Released Due To Illness. Bismillah Bint Saud, 57, was arrested along with her daughter in March 2019, according to the International News Agency. Bismillah bint Saud became more ill during her detention but refused to undergo […]

A Bomb Blast Near The Syrian Border Has Killed At Least Three Turkish Soldiers

Ankara: A Bomb Blast On The Syrian-turkish Border Has Killed Three Turkish Military Personnel. According to the International News Agency, a car bomb had exploded at a Turkish military base in the town of Aqcha Qala on the Syrian-Turkish border, killing at least three soldiers and wounding two others. The dead and injured have been […]

Egyptian Arrested For Spying On Sisi’s Rivals In US

US Authorities Have Arrested An Egyptian Man In New York For Spying On Political Rivals Of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-sisi. Authorities have arrested 39-year-old Pierre Gargis on suspicion of involvement in illegal activities, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The department also said that Greggs tracked down Sisi’s political rivals and obtained information […]

Japan Blames Corona For Tightening Sanctions On US Military Bases

Tokyo: Japan Has Imposed Strict Sanctions On US Military Bases, Blaming The Spread Of Corona. According to the International News Agency, Japan has imposed a number of corona restrictions on US military bases, including unnecessary travel and wearing masks, while strict monitoring will be carried out to enforce these restrictions. Referring to Corona’s strict sanctions […]

Another Kashmiri Youth Martyred In Indian Army State Terrorism

Srinagar: A Kashmiri Youth Was Martyred In The Firing Of Indian Army In Occupied Kashmir. According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian state terrorism continues in Kashmir and martyrdom of innocent Kashmiris has become a norm. Even today an oppressed Kashmiri youth was martyred. The youth was martyred during a search operation in Shahgand area of […]

BJP Has Set Up Factories Of Hatred, Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress Leader In India Rahul Gandhi Has Said That The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Has Set Up Several Factories Of Hatred. According to Indian media, Congress leader in India Rahul Gandhi wrote in Hindi on the social networking site Twitter that the whole country is shocked to see the age of the accused […]