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Saudi Arabia Has Barred Israel From Using Its Airspace

Saudi Arabia has blocked a flight from Israel to Dubai over its airspace.   Israel Airlines and Tourism Limited say their Flight 661 was scheduled to depart for Dubai at 6 a.m. local time. A spokeswoman for the airline said Saudi Arabia had not allowed them to cross its airspace and the reason was not […]

The British Prime Minister Apologized To The Commission Of Inquiry For His Anti-islamic Remarks

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Formally Apologized To The Party’s Inquiry Committee Over His Remarks On Islam, The Burqa And The Hijab. According to the International News Agency, the inquiry report on Islamophobia, minorities and racial discrimination of the ruling Conservative Party in Britain has been released. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also […]

The Flight From Mumbai Reached Dubai With Only One Passenger

Dubai: Due To Severe Air Restrictions Due To The Corona Epidemic, A Flight From Mumbai Reached Dubai Carrying Only One Passenger. According to Indian media, the Boeing 777 of Emirates Airlines has a capacity of 200 to 350 passengers, but surprisingly, only one passenger arrived in Dubai from Mumbai enjoying the charter flight. The United […]

The Sun Will Rise Over The KAABA On May 27

Makkah: The Sun Will Be Directly Above The Ka’bah On May 27, At Which Time The Direction Of The Qibla Will Be Determined. According to the Arab media, on Thursday, May 27, the sun will be directly above the Kaaba at 12:18 pm, which will determine the correct direction of the Qibla around the world, […]

Australia Decides To Close Embassy In Kabul

Australia has decided to close its embassy in Kabul. The Australian Prime Minister has said that the situation will become uncertain after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that the security of the Australian embassy’s diplomatic mission will not be ensured. He said the decision to close the […]

Turkey Has Expanded Its Turkish Airlines Network To Promote Tourism

Turkish Airlines (THY), Europe’s Largest Airline In 2020, Expanded Its Network To Other Turkish Continents In May. Turkey has added new aircraft routes to boost its tourism ties with other countries. Turkish Airlines (THY), Europe’s largest flight in 2020, expanded its network to other Turkish continents in May. Turkish Airlines, which flies to about 130 […]

In Mali, The Military Seized Power

Mali: The Military Seized Power In The African Country Of Mali. According to a foreign news agency, a major political crisis has arisen in the African country of Mali. The army arrested the president, prime minister and defense minister after seizing power. A government of 25 ministers was announced to take over the country. It […]

The Richest Man In The World: French Fashion Tycoon Surpasses Jeff Bezos

French Fashion Tycoon Bernard Arnold Has Surpassed Jeff Bezos, Head Of The Online Trading Company Amazon, To Become The Richest Man In The World. French fashion tycoon Bernard Arnold snatched the world’s richest man record from Jeff Bezos and his personal fortune totaled 18 186.3 billion. The British online newspaper The Mail quoted the well-known […]

Military Coup In Mali, President And Prime Minister Arrested

Bamako: The Army Seized Power In Mali And Detained The Caretaker Government’s President, Prime Minister And Defense Minister. According to the International News Agency, the Malian army arrested the caretaker President of the country, Bah Nadav, and Prime Minister Mukhtar Wan. The coup comes as the country’s caretaker government replaced two military officers who played […]

The United States Has No Air Or Military Base In Pakistan, The State Department Said

Islamabad: The Foreign Office Has Said That There Is No Us Military Or Air Base In Pakistan And The Media Reports In This Regard Are Baseless. A Foreign Office spokesman said on news regarding US airports in Pakistan that there is no US military or air base in Pakistan, Pakistan and the United States have […]