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Cable Car Crash Kills 12 In Italy

ROME – A Cable Car Carrying Tourists Fell Into A Dense Jungle In Italy, Killing 12 People And Injuring Three Others, Including Two Children According to Italian media, the incident took place on Sunday morning when the Estresa Motiron cable car crashed due to a broken wire. This cable car had to get from one […]

Bad Weather Kills 21 Marathons In China

BEIJING: Bad Weather In China Has Killed At Least 21 People In A Race. According to a foreign news agency, 21 people who took part in a marathon in a mountainous area in China’s Gansu Province lost their lives due to bad weather. There were 172 people in the marathon that suddenly the weather became […]

Eid Al-adha Is Likely To Take Place On July 20 In Dubai

Astronomers Predict Eid Al-adha In Uae On July 20. According to Gulf News, astronomer Ibrahim Al-Jarwan says that Eid-ul-Adha is likely to take place on Tuesday, July 20 in the United Arab Emirates. Astronomers say that the moon of Dhul-Hijjah may appear on July 10, 2021 and when this happens (Eid-ul-Adha) will be on Tuesday, […]

Why Is A Russian Military Base At The Arctic A Concern For The United States?

A Russian Air Force Cargo Plane Took Us To The Roof Of The World, A Peninsula That Was Once Famous For Its Rare Birds And (Valeros) River Lions. Russia now has a military base on Franz Joseph’s territory, a new addition to its long list of conflicts with the West. The United States has once […]

Will NATO Alliance Clash With Russia Over Ukraine Conflict?

According To Global Reports Dated April 25, 2021, Russia Has Deployed About 100,000 Troops On The Ukrainian Border With Modern And Nuclear Weapons, As Well As Its Fleet And Large Naval Warships In The Black Sea In March. The Exercises Began When Ukraine Raised Serious International Concerns, And Then, With The Help Of Satellites And […]

Saudi Arabia Allows Foreigners To Perform HAJJ For 20 Years

Saudi Arabia Has Allowed 60,000 Pilgrims From Around The World To Make The HAJJ This Year. This will be the first time since the Corona epidemic that a non-native has had the opportunity to perform the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. According to the news agency, people under the age of 18 and over 60 will […]

The Owner Of The Media Building Destroyed In The Israeli Attack Has Reached The International Court

The Owner Of A Media Building Destroyed In An Airstrike In Gaza Has Reached The International Court Of Justice (ICJ) With A Lawsuit Against Israel. According to a foreign news agency, the owner of the media building destroyed in the Israeli attack said that the attack on the building is a war crime, about which […]

Saudi Government Decides To Allow Foreigners To Perform HAJJ

Islamabad: Saudi Arabia Has Decided To Allow Foreigners To Perform Hajj Under Which 60,000 Foreigners Will Be Able To Perform HAJJ This Year. According to Express News, the government of Saudi Arabia has decided to allow foreigners to perform Hajj this year and has decided to allow at least 60,000 foreigners to perform Hajj. In […]

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes China

A Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Has Shaken Southeastern China. One person was reported killed in the quake, according to a foreign news agency. According to the report, the truck driver was killed when a landslide fell from the mountain due to the earthquake. Locals told the media that the quake had severely damaged buildings in several […]

Israel’s Hypocrisy And Persecution Continue: Turkish Foreign Ministry

A Statement On The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s Twitter Account Said That Israeli Police Had Intervened After Friday Prayers At Al-aqsa Mosque, Injuring At Least 20 People. Turkey has warned Israel against continuing its hypocritical attitude towards the Jerusalem intervention. A statement on the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account said that Israeli police had intervened at […]