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The List Of The Richest Cities In The World Continues

In The Ranking Of The Richest Cities In The World, Beijing Surpassed New York. Leading US magazine Forbes has released a list of the ten cities with the highest number of billionaires. According to Forbes, Beijing has the highest number of billionaires. Beijing is followed by New York at 99. In the Russian capital, Moscow, […]

The Quake Affected China, The Northwest And The Southwest

Severe Earthquakes In China’s Two Provinces Of Qinghai And Yunnan Have Caused Widespread Panic. There Have Been Earthquakes In These Provinces Before. An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale shook the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan around 10 pm on Friday. The quake also shook the city of Dali, a popular tourist destination. The […]

Birth Of Twins At The Residence Of Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Of Dubai

Dubai: Twin Children (Son And Daughter) Have Been Born In The House Of Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Sheikh Hamdan’s wife Sheikha bint Saeed Al Thani Al Maktoum has given birth to a son and a daughter. On social networking site Instagram, Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan thanked Allah for […]

A Man Was Arrested For Trying To Reach The Pulpit During A Sermon At The Grand Mosque

Guards Arrest Man Trying To Reach Pulpit During Friday Sermon At Masjid Al-haram. According to Arab News, the police of Makkah region have arrested a man who is accused of trying to reach the imam on the pulpit in the Masjid al-Haram. Al-Haramain said on Twitter that an incident took place today when Sheikh Baleela […]

Nigerian Army Chief Of Staff Killed In Plane Crash

Nigerian Army Chief Of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Atahiro Has Died In A Plane Crash. A Nigerian Air Force spokesman was quoted by the foreign news agency as saying that General Attahiro’s plane crashed in the northern state of Kaduna on Friday.The Nigerian army’s chief of army staff was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari […]

Exhibition Of Locally Made Long Range Fighter Drone ‘GAZA’ In Iran

Iran Has Unveiled A 2,000-kilometer Locally-built Fighter Drone, Naming It “GAZA” To Pay Tribute To The Palestinian Struggle. According to a report by Reuters news agency, the state media said that the name of the drone was inspired by the Palestinian struggle and Gaza was named in his honor. The Revolutionary Guards said the new […]

The BBC Has Apologized For Fraudulently Interviewing Lady Diana

London: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Has Apologized To Prince Harry And William For Being Accused Of Cheating And Deception To Interview Princess Diana. The British Broadcasting Corporation has apologized for accusing its journalist Bashir Martin of persuading Lady Diana for a key interview in 1995 by deceiving her with a fake document. This interview […]

Israeli Forces Vandalize Al-aqsa Mosque Compound, Fire

Israeli Police Once Again Vandalized The Compound Of Al-aqsa Mosque And Fired Tear Gas Shells At Thousands Of Palestinians Gathered After Friday Prayers To Celebrate The Agreement To Stop The Aggression. Al Jazeera reports that a ceasefire agreement was reached between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Friday, but tensions remain in […]

Germany Expresses Solidarity With Israel Despite The Martyrdom Of 251 Palestinians

Tel Aviv: German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss Has Said He Is Here To Show Solidarity With Israel. According to Israeli media, the German Foreign Minister said that Israel has every right to defend itself against large-scale irreparable attacks. According to media reports, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss expressed solidarity with Israel and called for a […]

Israel Is Guilty Of Genocide Of Palestinians, Will Have To Pay The Price: Turkey

New York: Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Olu Has Said That Israel Is The Culprit Of The Palestinians. He Made It Clear That He Would Have To Pay The Price For His Crimes. According to the news Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Olu made the remarks while addressing the UN General Assembly. The Turkish Foreign Minister said […]