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A Ceasefire Has Been Agreed Between Israel And Hamas

An Unconditional Ceasefire Agreement Was Reached Between Israel And Hamas 11 Days Later, Which Was Celebrated In Occupied Jerusalem, Occupied West Bank And Gaza. Egypt played the role of mediator in the agreement. A statement from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Security Council “unanimously accepted the recommendations to accept […]

Indian Air Force MIG-21 Crashes, Pilot Killed

New Delhi: An Indian Air Force MiG-21 crashed, killing the pilot. According to Indian media, an Air Force MiG-21 crashed near Baghpurana area of ​​Punjab at around 1 am, as a result of which the pilot of the plane was also killed on the spot. A statement issued by the Indian Air Force said that […]

Antarctica: Largest Avalanche Off The World Ice Sheet

A Massive Avalanche Over The Spanish Island Of Majorca Has Separated From The Frozen Shores Of Antarctica And Entered The Sea Of Weidel. According to the foreign news agency, the European Space Agency said on Wednesday that this is the largest avalanche floating on the surface of the water. The avalanche, separated from the frozen […]

Support For Israel: American School Teacher Fired

In Kuwait, An American Woman Was Fired For Supporting Israel. In response to the sympathy, a decision was taken to revoke the license of an American female teacher working in a private school. The Kuwaiti Special Education Department has launched an investigation and sent a letter to the school administration to submit a report on […]

The Israeli Prime Minister Stated The Real Purpose Of The Barbarism Against The Palestinians

The Real Motive Behind Israel’s Repeated Attacks On Palestinian Muslims Has Come To Light, Which Prime Minister Netanyahu Has Openly Stated. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to seize the city after the attack on Gaza, saying the attacks will continue until that goal is achieved. Netanyahu says attacks on Gaza will continue until control […]

UN Secretary-general Calls For Immediate Ceasefire With Palestine And Israel

New York: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Has Expressed Concern Over Airstrikes In Palestine And Called For An Immediate Ceasefire Between The Two Countries. According to a foreign news agency, in his address to the UN General Assembly, Antonio Guterres said that he was “deeply saddened” by Israel’s continued air and ground bombardment of Gaza. […]

Gang War In Guatemala Prison, Circulating Each Other

Guatemala City: A Gang War In A Guatemalan Prison Has Killed Several Inmates, Most Of Them Beheaded. Authorities say the incident took place at the Cantell prison in western Guatemala, where rival groups clashed, killing at least seven inmates, most of them beheaded. Are Hundreds of police officers have launched an operation inside the jail […]

Darren Sammy Could Not Remain Silent On Israel’s Violent Actions In Gaza.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) Team Peshawar Zalmi’s Coach And West Indies Batsman Darren Sammy Also Issued A Statement In Favor Of Palestine. “I don’t understand why it’s so hard to treat others the way you want them to treat you, or even better,” Darren Sammy said in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter. […]

The Corpses Of Those Who Died In Cronas Began To Flow Into The Ganges

The Situation In Crona In India Is Still Uncontrollable Due To Which The Bodies Of Those Who Died Due To This Epidemic Are Now Being Forcibly Dumped In The River Ganga. In the last 24 hours, a further 329,500 cases of the corona were reported while more than 3,800 people were killed. The Hindu community […]

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Has Threatened To Step Up Attacks On Gaza

Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Has Threatened To Step Up Attacks On Gaza.

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Has Threatened To Step Up Attacks On Gaza. According to a foreign news agency, Netanyahu said in a video statement released from his office that “the Israeli army has carried out hundreds of attacks against Hamas in Gaza, and we will intensify our attacks.” Netanyahu said he would “hit” (Hamas) […]