Internet Speeds Across The Country Were Also Affected On The Second Day

Internet Speed Could Not Be Fully Restored In Pakistan Even On The Second Day.

In Asia and Europe, double AE-1 cable can be faulted even after 18 hours. The provision of internet service across the country is also affected for the second day.

PTCL officials say they are working to remove the faults, our partners in the UAE are removing the faults.

A PTCL spokesman said that internet service would be fully restored in Pakistan today.

Yesterday, the 25,000 km long Asia Europe Double AE One cable malfunctioned due to a sudden drop in internet speed.

According to telecom sources, the most important cable of 40 terabytes broke down near Fujairah, due to which the internet speed in Pakistan is slow.

In this regard, sources said that Internet data traffic is being transferred to other low capacity cables. Sources say that repairing 40 terabyte cable can take several days.

Consumers are facing severe difficulties due to low internet speed for the past two days.

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