Introducing 2 Features Similar To Tik Tok In Instagram Reels

Instagram Recently Introduced Short Videos Called Feature Rails To Attract Tik Tok Users.

Now 2 new features are being added for Instagram Reels which are already very popular in Tik Tok.

The photo-sharing app, owned by Meta (Facebook’s new name), hopes that those who are reluctant to use Rails due to the unavailability of these features will be able to become part of the platform.

One of these features is text-to-speech feature that allows robotic voiceover for videos.

In this feature, when a user types text on his video, he will get the facility of an auto generated voice which will read the text aloud.

The user will have 2 voice options available before posting the video.

This feature is very popular in Tic Tac Toe because some users find the robotic sound funny.

In addition, a feature called Voice Effects for Rails has been introduced which will allow the creators to change their voice.

For this purpose they will have several options available and they will be able to change their voice to their liking.

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