Introducing A Soft Blocking Feature To Twitter Users

Twitter Has Introduced A New Feature For Managing Follower Lists For Users.

This new feature allows you to remove people from your followers list.

The trial of this feature has been going on for a month and now it has been introduced which has been named as Soft Block.

This means that people who are removed from the list will not be able to see your tweets in their timeline but will be able to send direct messages.

These people will not be notified when they are removed from the list and will be able to follow up again if you have not blocked them.

This new feature is part of Twitter’s efforts to give users more control over their experience.

Earlier, the company also announced a test of a new feature that would alert users to being part of a sensitive discussion.

The company thinks that the soft block option will work to keep some distance between you and the other user and this will be possible without blocking it.

That is, it will be possible to limit the relationship with specific users without bringing them to their attention.

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