Iran Will Have To Pay The Price For Violating The Nuclear Deal, Israel

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Has Called On World Powers To Take A Tougher Stance Against Iran In Negotiations To Restore The International Nuclear Deal.

According to Qatari news channel Al Jazeera, Naftali Bennett’s statement came at a time when Israeli defense and intelligence officials have arrived in Washington to participate in the resumption of nuclear talks.

“I urge every country negotiating with Iran in Vienna to adopt a strong strategy and make it clear to Iran that it is not conducting uranium enrichment and negotiations at the same time,” Bennett told his cabinet. Can

It should be noted that the continuous progress in Iran’s nuclear program is a matter of concern for the world powers, especially Israel. The world powers are hoping in Vienna to restore the broken 2015 agreement with Iran. Also last week, Iran posed another challenge to the world powers when it said that the proposals made in the previous talks could be re-discussed.

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