Israeli Bombings On Companies Supporting Pakistan’s Nuclear Program Revealed

Tel Aviv: A Report In A Swiss Newspaper Has Revealed That Israel May Have Had A Hand In The Bomb Attacks On Companies That Helped Pakistan Make The Atomic Bomb.

According to a Swiss newspaper, in the 1980s, Mossad, Israel’s secret service, carried out possible bomb attacks on Swiss and German companies that helped Pakistan build a nuclear bomb.

The potential threats and attacks on Israeli and German companies were aimed at deterring them from providing assistance and support to Pakistan’s nuclear program.

According to the report, it was during the 1980s that Pakistan signed a civilian nuclear deal with Iran. The United States had reservations about the nuclear deal because the United States considered Iran its enemy.

The then US President Jimmy Carter decided to teach a lesson to the German and Swiss companies cooperating with Pakistan instead of attacking Pakistan’s nuclear facilities.

Official documents released by the US State Department in 2021 named a dozen German and Swiss companies supplying parts for Pakistan’s nuclear program.

The report further states that during the progress of Pakistan’s nuclear program, 3 companies were bombed in which no casualties were reported but property was damaged. Companies were also threatened by phone calls from unknown callers after the attacks.

The owner of a company that was attacked told the Swiss Federal Investigation Police that Mossad, Israel’s secret service, had contacted him and his head salesman several times through private numbers. Threaten to end cooperation in the program.

An unidentified group claimed responsibility for the attacks on German and Swiss companies, but no group was identified or named after the attacks.

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