Israeli Plane Bombs School Near Gaza

Gaza: Israeli Warplanes Bombed Gaza Again, Damaging Some Homes And A School Building.

According to the international news agency, Israeli warplanes bombed the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The area targeted in the airstrikes is a civilian population and has a school.

The Israeli airstrikes did not cause any casualties, but some homes and a school building were slightly damaged. After the airstrikes, Palestinians came out of their homes and chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

A statement from the Israeli military said that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center in the capital, Damascus. Burned and destroyed.

A ceasefire agreement was reached between the Israeli army and Hamas after an 11-day bombing in May this year, but a few days later Israel violated the ceasefire and began bombing intermittently under the pretext of flaming balloons. ۔

A Hamas spokesman called the latest Israeli military action a breach of the agreement and said it was a new move by the new government. Palestinians will continue their struggle for independence.

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