Johnson & Johnson’s Booster Dose Is 85% Effective Against Omecron

Johannesburg: South African Research And Medical Experts Say Johnson & Johnson’s Booster Dose Is Up To 85% Effective Against Omega Krone.

According to international media reports, the South African Medical Research Council recently conducted a study involving 69,000 health workers.

Members of the medical staff were given two doses of the corona vaccine over a period of one month and five days, as well as a booster dose of Johnson & Johnson.

The study found that health workers who administered two doses had a 63% protection against omecron, while the rate increased to 85% after receiving a booster dose. According to African experts, booster doses were also given to Omekron patients.

The research report states that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and booster dose are 85% resistant to omecron and delta variants.

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