Lahore Student Arrested On US And Interpol Report

Lahore: A Student Of Canal Housing Society Found It Costly To Upload A Video Of Weapons On Social Media.

Hussain Asif took a pistol out of his bag in the college classroom and uploaded the videos on SnapChat.

As soon as the video was uploaded, the US administration contacted through Interpol that the boy could shoot and kill students in the college and there is a risk of loss of life. An emergency call was received from Interpol to take immediate action on the matter.

On the instructions of DG FIA, the cyber wing took immediate action and arrested Hussain Asif from Canal Housing Society, a student of a private college. According to the FIA ​​cyber wing, the pistol recovered from the accused turned out to be fake.

Babar Bakht Qureshi, director of the FIA ​​cyber wing, sent a report to the DG stating that the pistol was not real but a toy. The DG FIA sent the report to the US administration through Interpol.

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