Millions Of Rupees Recovered From The Pipeline Of A Government Official’s House

New Delhi: Millions Of Rupees Notes Were Recovered From The Pipeline Of A Government Official’s House In India.

According to Indian media, a government official in the Indian state of Karnataka had hidden the notes in the pipeline of the house. Where anti-corruption bureau officials raided the intelligence and recovered the money.

The house of an engineer of the Public Works Department of India was raided and notes instead of water were recovered from the popline. The amount exported was Rs. 2.5 million while a large quantity of gold was also exported.

According to the officials, the plumber was called on the information of the presence of currency notes in the pipeline and with his help lakhs of rupees were recovered from the pipeline.

It is to be noted that crackdown against corrupt government officials is going on in India and the money recovered from the house of a Public Works Department official from the pipeline was made only to hide notes.

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