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A Smartphone That Changes Color In Just 30 Seconds

Beijing: Wei Wu Claims That It Has Developed A Smartphone Whose Casing Can Change Color In Just 30 Seconds When Exposed To The Sun. VW has recently announced the release of V23 and V23 Pro flagship phones that can change color in hundreds when exposed to the sun. They have dubbed it the Sunshine Gold […]

TCL Introduces World’s Cheapest Foldable Phone

TCL Has Been Offering Prototype Models Of Foldable Phones For Many Years, But So Far No Phone Has Been Offered To Consumers. TCL has introduced the cheapest foldable smartphone Flex V so far. TCL unveiled the phone at the CES Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas. The phone is similar in design to Samsung’s Galaxy Z […]

The Blackberry Era Is Over

The Era Of Blackberry Phones That Ruled The World Of Mobile Phones And Technology For A Long Time Is Over. BlackBerry’s operating system and services have been cut off since January 4, after which the era of mobile phones, considered a status symbol, has officially come to an end. The BlackBerry company said in a […]

Samsung Decides To Bring A Phone With 1 Terabyte Storage

Seoul: Korean Smartphone Maker Samsung Has Begun Preparations To Introduce A Flagship Phone With 1 Terabyte (TB) Of Memory. According to Chinese media reports, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S22 Ultra this year, which will be different in terms of memory. The S22 Ultra will have its own memory of 1 TB while it will […]

Introducing The Flagship Phone With 50 Megapixel Camera

Beijing: Chinese Company Has Introduced The Flagship Smartphone With The Most Powerful Camera Of 12 Series. According to The Verge, Xiaomi has introduced three new phones in the series, named 12, 12 Pro and 12X, whose cameras are more modern and powerful than in the past. The Xiaomi 12 is smaller in size than the […]

Huawei’s Most Expensive Foldable Phone For Sale

Huawei Has Introduced A More Premium Edition Of Its Foldable Smartphone Mate X2 For Sale. The phone was announced by the company in November 2021 and is now available for sale under the name Collector’s Edition. This phone is offered for sale in China which will be equipped with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB […]

Huawei Has Started Selling Dida Zeb Folding Smartphones

Beijing: Huawei Has Offered A Beautiful Folding-screen Phone For Sale, But Due To A Dispute With Google, It Runs On Its Own Harmony Operating System. According to the preliminary pictures, its external (notification) screen is very beautiful, the camera and sensors are impressive and the design is very elegant. It has been dubbed the P-Fifty […]

Useful Ways To Extend Mobile Battery Life

Mobile Phones Have Become An Integral Part Of Our Lives And It Is Difficult To Live A Modern Life Without Them. However, mobile phone users often face issues related to battery charging. Here we will introduce you to some of the ways in which you can extend the life of mobile batteries. Reasons why mobile […]

5 Interesting Hidden Options Of Smartphones That Very Few People Know

Today Almost Everyone Has A Smartphone But Very Few People Will Be Aware Of All Its Options And Also Options That Make It More Convenient For You. 1) Multi-tasking screen This option allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, ie you can use up to 2 applications simultaneously. Go to About Phone in Settings […]

Alert Issued For iPhone Users

Apple Warns iPhone Users About Hacking. According to a foreign news agency, Apple has issued a hacking alert warning iPhone users, which has identified the biggest hacking in history. According to the report, an Israeli cyber company has developed a software called Pegasus which can also spy on users by hacking their data silently. The […]