Nokia Decides To Give Consumers A ‘surprise’ On Its 20th Anniversary

Leading Mobile Phone Maker Nokia Has Decided To Surprise Consumers On The Occasion Of Its 20th Anniversary.

Nokia has decided to relaunch one of its most popular mobile phones, the 6310, according to the British online newspaper Daily Mail.

According to the report, Nokia’s popular 6310 mobile will be launched with the same style and texture that made it famous.

It will also feature popular 90s games on mobile phones, including Snack and The Break.

According to the report, many changes have been made in the mobile phone using modern technology, its display has been improved.

In addition, the pixel screen of the mobile phone has been enhanced while the battery performance has also been improved.

Nokia announces sharp reduction in smartphone prices in Pakistan

According to the report, the starting price of the mobile has been set at 59.99 pounds or 14,000 Pakistani rupees and it will soon be available for sale in the market.

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