Obesity And Diabetes Can Lead To Breast Cancer In Women, Research Shows

Boston – Women With Obesity, Insulin Sensitivity Or Type 2 Diabetes May Have A Higher Risk Of Breast Cancer Than Others If They Suffer From Menopause, Scientists Say. Can Grow

Science has shown that conditions such as metabolism and inflammation increase in obese women, but it is still important to understand this whole process. It has now been revealed for the first time that exosomes (protrusions coming out of holes in many types of cells) cause breast cancer and make it more complicated and impossible to treat.

The discovery was made by Professor Gerald and Professor Shipley of the Boston University School of Medicine. They also say that diabetes and obesity can cause complex breast cancer in women due to their specific conditions, which can make all our existing medicines fail.

Among them, the factors that increase the risk of diabetes also increase the risk of breast cancer. Then there are blood glucose, elevated levels of A1C, cholesterol and medical factors for heart disease, such as CRP, which further increase the risk of breast cancer. Interestingly, oncologists have not yet noticed this.

In the next phase, scientists will conduct a large-scale survey of women to find out whether there is any support or rejection of this hypothesis.

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