Rolls Royce Gift For Wife’s Birthday

In The United Arab Emirates, An Indian Businessman Surprised His Wife By Giving Her A Rolls Royce Black Badge Worth 1.6 Million Dirhams On The Occasion Of Her 24th Birthday.

The wife of 30-year-old Keralite Amjad recently gave birth to their first child, after which they wanted to give him a memorable gift.

Amjad, the founder and CEO of BCC Group, is known in Dubai as a young entrepreneur who has multiplied the UAE’s workforce sector in just a decade.

The group has also recently been in the news for providing financial assistance to the families of employees, providing jobs in the form of jobs to citizens who lost their lives in Corona and were stranded on visit visas.

Speaking to Arab News, Amjad said that his wife had given him the greatest gift of life in the form of his daughter, after which he wanted to put a smile on his face, so he planned this surprise. ۔

Keralite Amjad also shared a video of this memorable moment on Instagram.

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